Saturday, January 1, 2011

USA Crossers

For the last 15 years, I have kept personal journals.  I know that may sound weird to many...but it works for me.  200 years from now, if my journals are unearthed out of the attic by my great, great, great, great grandson, I am pretty sure that they will end up in a dumpster.   They would most likely bore the heck out of anyone who reads them. 

The first page of my yearly log begins with goals for the year.   This year, my top number one goal is...

           Become one of the 212 people to have successfully crossed the United States on foot!

According to the USA Crossers Website (where I got all of this information), since 1928, 212 different people have ran across the US.  When you consider (according to an estimate on that there have been 554,000,000 people who have lived in the US since 1790, that would put the uniqueness of running across the US as pretty darn high!  212 of 554,000,000 or .00000038 percent of the population living or not living!  That is a pretty flaming cool club to try to join!

Last year, 11 people made the crossing.  The fastest being 93 days...a woman named Helen Neville.  Helen is a total butt kicking female runner who has written a book, survived cancer and has raised a ton of money for a variety of charities.   The slowest crosser last year was 16 year old Jasmine Jordon.  16 years old!  She completed her cross in 288 days.  16 years old.  That is really impressive. 

In 2011 there are 7 individual people who have made the commitment.   

Mark Allison, who is running to raise money for the Children's Foundation and St. Benedict's Hospice.
Greg Vaughn who is running for 9-11 victims
John Price who is running it for the fun of running it!
Steve Ivanovich who is raising money for those who have been wrongfully imprisoned.
Dr. Dennis Godby who is running to raise awareness and money for natural medicine
Oliver Antoine  who has not listed a cause as of yet.

And then there is me.  And I am running for two charities:  One to raise money for the injured or fatally wounded Iraq and Afghanistan veterans through Freedom is Not Free.  I feel really energized about this charity and hope if this is a cause that lights you up that you will donate to them as a result of my run.  The second charity is  I decided to get involved with S4S one day after looking for a place to donate my no good for running, but pretty decent running shoes.  S4S takes in gently used shoes and monetary donations and gets them to people through out the world who need shoes.  I felt it fit in really neatly with a run that will touch 100s of not 1,000s of runners who probably could donate some shoes to the cause!

So, my journal entry first page of the year has 10 goals.  This being the grand daddy of all goals for me in 2011.  However, I am already thinking about 2012's list!


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  1. Awesome and thanks for sharing the others who are running and their causes/passions. Pretty impressive bunch. Just curious; do you have a goal time or simply to make it???

    I keep journals too and one I started this year I am really excited about. They are my Thanksgiving Journals and I have one for my husband and one for my daughter. Each day I list in the journals one thing I appreciate, value, am thankful for, etc. I started these on Thanksgiving day and it is has been wonderful. To start the day with a positive outlook rather than what could have frustrated or made me angry has truly changed my outlook.