Sunday, April 18, 2010

Meet Ed, he is running across the country next year....

Last night at a party, a person introduced me just like the title of today's blog.  

The reaction was pretty predictable...a look of pleasant confusion like "Did I hear that right?"  Then the look becomes one of disbelief followed by an evolution into a look of interest.  I have seen this transformation a few times the past months as friends and connections have learned of what I am going to do over spring vacation next year. 

Inevitably, then the questions pop out. 

Where are you starting?  (Savannah,GA) 
When?  (Next March) 
What is your training like?  (Right now, about 300 miles a month...ultimately headed to 500)  
Why?  (I think it would be a great challenge and I am not getting any younger.)  
Has anyone called you Forest Gump?   (If I had a dollar for every time.....) 
What did you do to train today?  (42 Miles) 
Wow?  Really? How many miles will you have to run every day on the trip?  (60)

It is funny to watch people process the numbers and challenge as we chat.  The "Run" has been normal and comfortable thinking in my head for the last six months.  When the idea is introduced to others it rarely fails to light them up with curiousity, wonder and a bit of "this guy has to be nuts".  

I wonder if a little of the reaction is a wish that they themselves would follow some of their own crazy dreams and just go for it...

Here is to "Going for It!!!!"


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  1. Awesome trip you are planning!!!! go Ed!