Thursday, October 14, 2010

Columbus, Georgia is ready to run!

I have been literally running through airports the last two weeks. Business travel and personal travel have had me out 11 of the last 14 nights. The time zone changes nearly took me off my game this morning. I got up at 1:30 A.m. Pacific time, groaned and nearly threw my quacking iPhone (my alarm tone is a quacking duck) across the room. It sure would have felt good to just roll over and get another hour of sleep in. I ended up, flopping out of bed and then feeling good about ignoring the lazy voice in my head...putting in another eight miles.

Columbus, Georgia must be a hot bed for ultra runners. Carolyn has received confirmation that two groups in Columbus will be meeting and running with me as I pass through the area.

First, Christian Griffith, who is an accomplished ultra distance runner who has a blog at will be joining me and raising some awareness of my run through his blog. Thank you Christian.

Another group, led by John Teeples, does a charity run across Georgia that has raised $60,000 plus called Run for the Heroes ( John has offered up getting some of his crew together for the run as well. This is totally cool of John!

I talked with Cathy Pratt of Freedom is not Free today and she was seeking to tighten down my finish in San Diego. The current rough plan is to finish at Camp Pendleton with some military folks and family greeting me as I finish. In addition, she wondered if I would mind if they had some injured veterans run the last mile with me. The goose bumps crawled all over my body...I could think of no better way to finish this run out.

Finally, I have pledges for some miles starting to come in. I am thankful and hope that I can get my entire run "pledged" out before it starts.

Thanks Christian. Thanks John. Thanks donors.

One more day away from home and then back to San Francisco for a big mile weekend.

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