Sunday, June 26, 2011

Solid progress!

The last few weeks I have been solidly and steadily building up some miles and speed.  The last three Saturdays I ran 25 miles each...purposely amping up my speeds with each attempt. 

The first Saturday, I was out and back in 4:15, the second 3:45 and yesterday did a solid 24.5 miles in 3:08...with an ass-kicker of a bonk at mile 23.5 that caused me to walk off a mile before I resumed.  My ankle and shin took the pounding yesterday very well.  I call myself 100%!

One bit of humor yesterday.  Social network marketing is alive and well!  So...I was tweeting out my pace to friends and Twitter followers.   I updated folks at 6 miles, 13 miles and then at 23.5 miles when I experienced the bonk.  I did not expect to get an automated marketing pitch as a result. 

Check this out...

EdRoshitsh Ed Roshitsh

Epic bonk at food no water no money. Walking it back. 2:55. Right on 3:15 pace. Awesome for me.

I was quite amazed when I got this reply nearly immediately from some type of Twitter marketing campaign.  I laughed and had a What the Heck? moment.  Evidently the words "out of money" on the Tweet must have generated some sort of  tag to get this reply from a marketing firm. 

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Mario Quinn @EdRoshitsh For real? - Need some money? Get paid for your opinion.. 8llg6

22 hours ago via web
Really?  Honest?  I can get paid for my opinion in time to buy a MoonPie and a Coke to get me the 1.5 miles away from my house?  I love this country!
Next time I am on the trail and out of food and money, I am hitting up Mario here for some dough!!!

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