Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ice! I have got ice!

I have been slowly leaking the details of my upcoming adventure to my work colleagues over the last several weeks.  Some had stumbled over my blog and had questions.  Others were wondering why I was running 45-50 miles on Saturdays. 

The company I work for is a software company called Granicus.  I was on the board here for a few years before joining the team as an employee last year.  It is a good group of people and the products we make are actually pretty interesting.   Our main products are video and audio Webcasting, minutes and agenda tools for governmental meetings.  The goal is to make government more transparent by showing "how the sausage is made" with our products. 

It may not sound all that sexy, but it is pretty fun to see the platform your company makes broadcasting US Congressional Meetings or a Presidential State of the Union Address.  I work closely with the founder team to help apply what I have learned now over 20 years in software to help them get the company to the next level. 

One of the founders I work with thought my run adventure was pretty cool.  He thought my support of Freedom is Not Free was a noble enough of a cause that he has signed up Granicus as my first official sponsor.  My ice for the trip (which will be like gold to me!) is being paid for by Granicus!  I thought it was .....well.....really sort of "cool" of him to do.  (I can hear you groaning from here!!!!)   Thanks was awfully nice!

I am up to about 80 miles this week so far in training.   I will end the week tomorrow with about 92 miles in the last 7 days.   Saturday is a 45-50 mile day for me.  

I am feeling excited as the days count down..but also a bit nervous!

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  1. I was groaning over the sausage reference, and the "cool" took it over the top.