Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Running Community...and a shout out to DailyMile!

Two weeks ago I had dinner with my sometimes running pal, ex Youngstown-mafia-dude-now architectural genius HughB and his awesome dude-ette AW.  Over a bottle of wine and a C- Indian food dinner the subject came up about how awesome people were to each other (many complete strangers btw) on the social networking/exercise application “DailyMile”  (  

We both marveled at how supportive, helpful and just plain NICE people were on the application.  Both of us have been using it for a while and neither of us could recall anyone flaming anyone or being less than role model citizens. (How's Facebook or Twitter doing for you these days?)

Now, I am sure there are buttchinski’s amongst the running/triathlete community.
Statistically there have to be. 

But it made me wonder…

It got me thinking…

As I look at the tribe of people that running has connected me with on a frequent basis these folks look like a real force of good.  Not only do they run, bike and swim but they seem to be a group of amazing people outside of the athletic space.

I looked at my circle on DailyMile, Twitter and Facebook…what I saw was pretty uplifting!

A young woman who just took the Bar Exam and is about 22 marathons into running 50 marathons in 50 states.

Three separate guys who have run across the US raising tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities.

Multiple business owners.  One who has started two successful businesses in the last 24 months.  The business owners include a Badwater/Barkley finisher and a lady who just finished in the Top 3% at the SF Half Marathon at the same age I am.

A woman who just finished her first Ironman and is now headed to MBA school at Babson (after turning down full rides to Harvard, Yale and Berkeley for academics).

A successful sales manager who just attempted Ironman Texas with two carbon/titanium hips due to Crohn’s.

The list goes on…

What’s my point?  

The tribe of endurance Runners/Bikers/Swimmer are super humans? 

Better people? 

A greater race?


I would not be that stupid, arrogant or smug to make that kind of a statement.  I am sure as I type this that you can identify five douchebags who participate in e-sports.  They are out there...but I would guess in small numbers.

But this connection fascinates me. 

What comes first?  Success in life or success in athletics?  Are they mutually intertwined?

I know one thing…

It motivates me to not represent the tribe poorly…

So now for an unsolicited shout out to Dailymile...

If you want to make friends with some great athletes and people, head on over to is truly a great social network for folks who think like you do.  It is easy to use and gives you a virtual support group for your athletic endeavors.