Monday, February 15, 2010

A 43 Mile Weekend...

I am close to calling myself healed.  I would say I am at 90% of full strength.  This morning I did a flat 23 miles for one final long shot before the work week starts tomorrow.  I hit a little hill or two to test the calf out and managed to keep it together to the top.  I am a little nervous and want to take it easy for another week before I resume a more rigorous training schedule.

This morning I wore my favorite training T-Shirt.  I get smiles, laughs and more than a few funny looks when I run with this shirt.  My wife's brother David had bought it for my wife, but it was too big for her to wear.  So, I wear it and enjoy the looks on people's faces!

I think some of the people looking at me may wonder if it is a joke or if I am serious....let them wonder I say. 

Have a good week!!!


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