Saturday, February 13, 2010

On the road again!

This morning, I am happy to say that I got out for my first run in 7 days.  My calf muscle injury is still there, but I felt good enough to put in eight slow miles on a very flat surface.  I got home and have been icing it down now for about the last two hours.  I am about 70% I would guess.

Judy the Trainer suspects that I damaged my soleus muscle.  A trip to this cool website (Click to go to SportsInjuryClinic Website) seconded the opinion.  They even had a picture with an arrow right to where I hurt! 
The fix is basically time.  Ice, time and taking it easy. 

Anyways, I am back on the road.  Happy to be running, even if I am doing it on the equivelant of one of those cheesey little spare tires that come with small cars...not very far and not very fast.

Happy none the less!

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