Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mid Week Update...Setting the date!!!!

I have been on the sidelines the last few days taking it easy on my calf muscle.  It is feeling pretty good today and I expect by the weekend that I will be able to start running again.  It sucks watching the days go by without training, but it is the smart thing to do.  A few more days of rest versus being laid up another week is worth the trade.

I have set a date!  (Insert imaginary trumpet blare sound  and mini-fireworks show in your mind here!!!!)  Looking at the weather, seeing how quickly I got up to some heavy milage and talking with a few others who have made long hauls like this are pushing me to move the date from summer to spring!

So, March 1st, 2011...departing from somewhere in Savannah, GA the fun begins.  The goal?  45 days on the road.  I plan on running 40 days at 60 miles with 5 rest days somewhere in there. 

Via email, I have been getting a lot of odds and ends from old friends.  This is one of my new favorites.

If I did not lose my wife to the Twilight Series for 8 weeks as she read all of the volumes....AND....this was not the realm of 13 year old girls everywhere, I might be tempted to wear one of these on my next run.  I do most of my running at 2:30 in the morning...and I do run into people who look like vampires having a bad hair day.  So this is pretty funny to me.  Except maybe it should read, I run FROM vampires.  Thanks Dr. D and Stacey!

So March 1st is the deal.  I will be posting a theoretical schedule in the coming weeks. 


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