Friday, July 23, 2010

For the very bored people...

I was looking at the SF Marathon website this morning trying to find when and where I needed to get my chip and racing number.  I came across two things of note. 

First, if you are ultimately bored on Sunday morning and want to check to see if I am tracking towards my goal of finishing in the top 100, you can track my progress here.  My race number is 20180.   ( 

On another note, this article from the Wall Street Journal was prominently featured on the sites home page.  "The Race Marathoners Fear" .  Apparently, the SF Marathon is one people avoid if they are hoping to set personal records or qualify for the Boston Marathon at.   It appears the hills here are pretty harsh for most people.   That said, I am still planning on setting a personal record.  This article just makes me want to run harder.  I have been running hills and mountains here for 9 months.  I am ready for a few speed bumps.

All systems go.  Have a great weekend!



  1. Ed,
    Best of luck on the 3:10; SFM is certainly not the easiest course so it would be a strong time. Maybe we will see you at Boston next year.
    I've enjoyed checking out your blog periodically and wish you all the best next year.
    Brendan Silver

  2. Thanks Brendan! Great to hear from you. I remember running slower than you on several occasions. A return to Boston will have to wait til 2012...I plan on being somewhere running in Arizona on that date!

  3. It is 8:10 east coast, so you should be lining up soon to take off. Good luck on 3:10.

    I was just showing my husband your blog. He thinks we should send it to one of his best friends who is Mr. Competitive, so he will then be forced to run across America too.

    (You know how those competitive people think? ;) )


  4. Thanks for the well wishes. Perhaps your competitive friend and I can race to see who needs a titanium knee replacement first! : ). Good luck in your race next weekend! E