Sunday, July 25, 2010

The best race that I did not finish...

I am sitting on my couch with an ice pack under my right hamstring. It is 8:50....about the time I expected to be celebrating my best marathon ever.

The race started off brilliantly for me. According to the official time on the website, I had a 1:30 half marathon. I had maintained a 6:54 pace through the first 13 miles. I was feeling great. I called Christine and let her know that everything was in working order and I was cruising. Seeing a 3:00 - 3:10 in my head, I picked up my pace a bit.

At mile 16, I felt a dagger being buried to the hilt in my right ham string...smack dab in the middle. "Ahhhhh ($/@@!!!". I am hoping people thought I had Tourettes syndrome or something. It probably sounded like when the kid on a Christmas Story beats up the bully. My mom would have been handy with a bar of soap if she was anywhere near me...but it really HURT!

I gathered up and told myself to quit being a pansy and start running. That lasted about 7 steps. I knew my day was done. I could not put running weight on it.

So, I started walking the walk of shame. No matter the circumstance, people think you quit or don't have what it takes. One guy (about 200 lbs overweight btw) offered "Hey man, shake it off, don't walk, run". In my less mature ages, I would have probably said something unproductive to him...however, I let it ride and focussed on getting to a place I could get a taxi.

This was my first DNF at 26 miles. However, I have an Ironman in 4 weeks and a larger goal in 7 months. Pushing through was not the right move. Now, the focus is recovery so I can race in Louisville.

Thanks for the well wishes. It sucks being on the sofa today!


  1. Hard luck my friend - happens to the most prepared so don't beat yourself up. Don't be too ambitious in 4 weeks either!
    The 1/2 time is wildly impressive!

  2. Thanks JP. It really was a great day all said. I was disappointed, but not too much so. After todays performance, I am thinking that I can do a 3:00 at a "fast" location.

    At 46, A pulled muscle here and there is to be expected.


  3. I like how you think Ed... looking ahead to the next one. Forget 3:10 in SFO, let's go to 3 at another location. You have bigger fish to fry!

    New-ish to running, I'm curious how you will handle the recovery. Besides ice and rest, when can you be back on the road and what kind of miles can you nail out?

  4. Thanks CH. Based on my trainer JT's advice and the web research I did yesterday, I am probably off the road for a week at least run wise. I will be cycling and swimming the next 4-6 days and will try getting out running over the weekend. The goal is to be able to race in Louisville at the end of the month!

  5. Just make sure your hammy is completely healed before undertaking the Louisville Triathlon. Your 2011 plans trumps everything else.

    John Garcia