Saturday, February 26, 2011

48 Hours To Go!

It is 1:31 in the morning here in Charleston. I am having a bit of excitement insomnia. Might as well have an electronic therepy session!

We spent the day today getting the RV sanitized and packed for the road. It will be our home for the next 65 days or so and we wanted to make it as clean as we could. I will put up some pics of it while on the road. Today, it looks like the Better Homes and Gardens version of an RV. Everything pristine, put away, flowers on the table etc. I figure after a week or two of hard living, the pics will be more real. Dirt, empty Cytomax tubs, dirty Newton running shoes, MoonPie wrappers...that is the time to get out the camera! Real run. Real Pictures!

I had 4-5 visitors today. Most were friends of Christine's mom and dad wanting to meet me, say hello and wish me luck. Also, I had a friend/former co-worker stop by for a chat, a hug and well wishes.

I put in 12 fast miles this morning. It felt great after sitting on my butt for three days driving. I had to hold myself back a bit as I did not want to pull a muscle...but I crushed 12 miles in 1:27:13 anyways.

Tomorrow, we have a few more errands to do to get more supplies and a lunch with John Garcia. John has been working the media angle for the run. The whole media outreach has been important to draw attention to the run to hopefully get more donations to Freedom is Not Free and Soles4Souls. We have several outlets along the route interested in getting the story out there. I suspect we will pick up more along the way.

I am guessing we have 40-50ish people showing up Tuesday for the launch at Charleston Bicycle Company. It will be fun to meet with old friends and new folks interested in this little adventure. The people aspect of this has been the most gratifying so far. Everyday for the last month or so, someone I don't even know shoots me a message to offer support, inspiration or a thanks. I respond to all of the notes...they have fueled me quite a bit!

I am 48 hours from starting the process of joining the other 220-ish (according to have made this trip.

I am ready.

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  1. Best of luck to you Ed. I think what you are doing is amazing. I'll be following you in spirit and cheering you on to the finish. God Bless.

    Kristi Brooks