Friday, February 25, 2011

Dean Karnazes versus Ed Roshitsh

As I ride through Mississippi on the way to start my Run Across America, my email, Twitter and Facebook is lighting up about "some other guy" running cross country!

Dean Karnazes is a total pro, uber marketer and arguably the most accomplished endurance runner ever. 3 Books, Deadwater wins and other accomplishments put him in a class of his own.
Frankly, I am not qualified to carry his water bottle.

In case you are wondering how we compare, here is a tale of the tape.

Me: Middle aged dude
Dean: Middle aged dude

Me: Once beat a 65 year old fat guy to a finish line
Dean: Multiple wins in real nasty races

Me: Rented an RV at Cruise America for wife to drive ahead of me As a base
Dean: Looks like Jay-Z loaned him his spare with driver

Me: Total run earnings: Once won a coffee cup for a 5th place finish
Dean: Makes a darn fine living with it

Me: My employer, Granicus is sponsoring my ice bill
Dean: Lit up like a NASCAR with sponsorship stickers

Me: Raising money for Freedom is Not Free and Soles4Souls
Dean: Raising money and awareness for childhood obesity

Me: East to West
Dean: West to East

Me: Moonpies, martinis and almond butter
Dean: Natures Path

So, as you see, Dean and I are near twins! Ha!

I wish him the best of luck!


  1. This. is. classic.

    But really... a send off with Regis? How do I need to call?

  2. Don't forget all the shoes they give him. Maybe he could use them half the distance and cast them off to you. : )
    That bus he has looks bigger than my house. Would love to be able to get half the sponsors.
    I like self support much better as you get to meet so many people who want to hear your story and be part of the adventure.

  3. agree with all of the above and one more; we LIKE YOU!!!