Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 10...a Day at Baptist Hospital in Montgomery, AL

Disappointment - a feeling of dissatisfaction that results when your expectations are not realized

Today, I spent the majority of the day in the ER of Baptist Hospital. 13 miles or so into today's jog, I felt a sharp pang on my left lower leg...about an inch or two up from the flex point between the foot and the leg.
I stopped and took a look.  Not seeing anything out of sorts, I walked a bit and then decided to continue to run.  This run/walk/run/walk went on for a mile or so.  By this time, my leg had swelled and started to change color.  Bill and I chatted and agreed it looked bad enough to take a trip to the hospital.

The lump is a ring around the front of my shin. 

This is my ankle.  Obviously, ankles are not supposed to blend into the leg like this.  Cankles on men..totally not cool.

Long story short.  After an xray, an MRI and a few doctor chats,  semi conclusions were reached.  One, a suspected stress fracture along my ankle bone on the left foot.  Two and potentially, a ray of hope, that it is just some inflamed tendons. A third idea, is potentially both have occured.

I have an appointment with a specialist tomorrow to figure out what exactly is going on.  Either way, lots of swelling and tenderness rule the day. 

My current thinking?  I am obviously not having an emotional high.  I am looking at 16 months of effort, 10 days of great progress, thousands of dollars spent, and my pride all in the face.  When the doctor came back from the MRI saying "it is a stress fracture, your run is over", I teared up a bit before I was able to fight it back.  My biggest fear is of not finishing this adventure.  I don't want to be a quitter.  I have invested too much in this to go down this way.

I am likely to try to run again the day after tomorrow, no matter what the Dr. says.  Maybe not 50 miles, but I am going to try to see what my body will let me get away with.  Two days worth of anti inflammatories and ice and maybe I can get back on the road. 

That is my hope as I close this day.


  1. Oh yikes ! I am sorry to hear this. Listen up dude, I admire you. You have my utmost respect. Don't be disappointed. You will have another shot at this ! Please don't push yourself. You don't want to make things worst. Focus on your recovery first ! This can wait ! You still rock !

  2. You have raised $9,000 for two great charities. You have run over 350 miles across 3 states. You have touched random strangers' hearts. No matter what, you are a winner!

    But, man, I know how you feel (well, not really, I've never run 50 miles in one sitting ever, but I have worked hard to achieve one goal at one race). Months and months of preparation and training, and an injury is our worst nightmare.

    I truly hope you can continue on with your dream to run across America safely and in good health!

  3. I'm soooo sorry to hear this news Ed and I agree with all that Carolyn said. Our bodies are truly amazing but for it to endure such a gruelling test such as you are doing, you just never know how it will withstand the stress. Having had the honor of running with you during this adventure I can atest to your complete diligence toward your health. I really hope you are able to work through this extremely tough hurdle.

  4. Ed,
    Man, what can I say. This is always a tough, tough call for endurance athletes. I had some wicked tendon problems kick up during a 100 race once and it took me 2 hours to make a decision. are running much farther....take the time you need....see what the specialist says, and I know you will make the right decision. Also, you have been through the patience required to put in the miles and prep for patient with your decision as to what to do. We are all with ya!!!!

  5. Hi Ed,
    I am literally crying as I read this; I know I am emotional anyway!!

    PLEASE take care of yourself and let your body heal; you know that P word; patient that you most likely don't know how to pronounce let alone what it means???

    You have many, many thoughts and prayers with you and all your raving fans are here to support you every step of the way.

    You are most certainly a winner, an inspiration and a dream creator to all!!

  6. Ed - sending healing vibes to yoru cankle - you will overcome!

  7. You are an inspiration no matter what. Sometimes your body get's the best of you. Nothing you did wrong. Your in my prayers.

  8. I asked you this question. "What will happen when something bad happens?" and you told us: I'll go back to the last place I was, however long it takes me to get back there, and continue on."

  9. You are an inspiration to so many! Praying for you as are many others!

  10. First, my mom sent me an email asking if I read your blog yet today and she indicated that there was disappointing news. I read FB, then your blog. Thus, My thoughts:
    You have been very disciplined in your training and preparation. No matter what the outcome you did not fail. You, Ed Roshitsch, have dared to dream and and start what most people would not even dare to dream. That is extraordinary.
    To follow a dream, to prepare, mentally and physically, to sacrifice and execute is not something the average person does. So no matter the outcome remember you are an acheiver. You have and will continue to acheive and inspire.

  11. Ed, I just found your blog via a string of friends. I live in Montgomery and would love to run a few mile with you when you feel up to moving forward. It may be possible to line up others to run segments and help the miles feel more like home. Have a great day of rest and recovery so the body can heal itself. Zero days can be good for body and soul to remind you what is important. Drop a line if you would like some company;

  12. Ed, I am sure you can feel the prayers and the well wishes. You know your body - when your body is ready pull from the strength that are not in your shoes or not on the road but are praying for you every mile / step of the way. Freedom is not free. You are making a financial, emotional and physical sacrifice for those that have sacrificed for us. I believe this will happen - may be a little differently as the perfect plan but I think you will finish. You and your crew are an inspiration to many.