Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 9! Weather! Also, 9 days in...what is happening physically?

As I type this, we are in the third hour of a lightening and torrential rain storm! I am watching the local news and there is ugly weather all around us. We knew this would likely be the case today.

We tried to get out early and were able to get 18 miles in before the weather circus started.

And when it started, it came on fast! We had to stop running as the deluge was unsafe for Bill back in the SUV as well as me. Visibility was literally less than 200 feet. With big trucks flying by, we took a break. I did get back on the road...

It got to be too dangerous out in the lightening and heavy, we knocked off early. A little extra rest and we are sharpening the knives for tomorrow.

I am not worried or deterred. We knew there would be days like this.

I thought I would spend a few minutes describing what is happening to me physically over the last 9 days.

Lets start from the bottom...

My feet are only mildly chewed up. I have 3-4 blisters on my right foot. I have been getting them because I have had to run off the road a bit as traffic dictates. The side of the road is uneven and chunky causing me to plant my feet a little differently. I SuperGlued the worst one (thanks Skippy at Granicus for giving me that tube!)back to the bottom of my foot and it seems to be okay.

Legs? I have a small case of shin splints on my left. Not enough to bother me. Just a nice "Hello! I am your left shin. You may have forgotten about me, but I am here to remind you that I can make you hurt!" My left knee seems to have simmered down quite a bit. No issues.

Mid Section, abs, etc. No issues!

Shoulders! One of the things I had not anticipated is pain in my shoulders from the constant back and forth motion on my arms. At night, it really hurts the most. I have been taking Advil for that and it seems to have helped. However, it is pretty painful.

Sunburn! Even though I have been putting on sunscreen, I have been burned a few times.

I am eating like a pig and still losing weight. Literally, eat from 3:00 in the morning until I go to sleep. If I wake up at night before my 3:00 breakfast call, I eat! 8,000 calories is hard to get in, day out.

Anyways, I think thats a wrap. I am ready for a run tomorrow!



  1. What you are doing is amazing! I wish I could run a couple with you when you come through Texas!

  2. Ah superglue...

    The animated radar today looked pretty wicked. Gotta love a durty south turd floater for it's shear drama.

    Sounds like your body is doing remarkably well given 350+ miles / ~50k calories in the past week. BTW in case you haven't done the math that is 14 POUNDS of fuel raw burnt!

    There is actually some science behind your Moon Pie to ATP strategy. See my DM wall.