Monday, January 31, 2011


Whether you think you can or think you can't, you are probably right.  - Henry Ford

Last night, I was catching up with my brother on the phone.  He and his wife are recently Air Force retired and have just adopted a seven year old girl, so we had a lot to sync up on.   The chat eventually turned to the run. 

My brother asked me a "Money" question....

"Eddie (only like five people in the universe get away with that!), how confident are you that you can complete this run?  50%, 70%, 90%...100% what?"

I gave him a softball answer. 

"I feel good about long as I don't get an injury."

My brother, not one to let me off the hook, kept after it...."What percent???  70%, 90%?  What do you think?"

It got me thinking...

I cannot afford the luxury of self doubt.  As I go into the last 4 weeks of preparation for this run, I need to focus on what I can control. 

My training.

My food intake. 

My attitude. 

My plan. 

Anything else is out of my bro, I am 100% confident I will go the distance.  I have done the miles, ensured I am running my body with clean fuel, erased all doubt from my head and have as good of a plan that I can create.  

I have some deserving Veterans to raise money for!



  1. 100 percent confidence from us!! Never an ounce of doubt. Maybe it is the "High I" but more I think it is the confidence we have in you because you have it in yourself.