Saturday, April 23, 2011

I wish inspiring stories got more news coverage...

I am so tired of opening up the newspaper or turning on the television and hearing about people like Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, Barry Bonds and other human flotsam and jetsam.   These types of people and stories seem to dominate the media's and hence, our attention. 

Nothing sells magazines, newspapers and television offers (Pajama Jeans!  LifeAlert! Pasta Boats!) like personal scandal, celebrity self immolation and negativity.  Instead of ignoring these troubled people and letting them go nuts in peace, we use them for schadenfreude-al entertainment or worse make role models of them.

Why hasn't someone started a 24 X 7 cable channel that features good people stories like:

Karl Meltzer who last fall set a human endurance record by running the 2,064 mile Pony Express Trail (Sacramento to St. Joseph, Missouri) in a blistering fast 40 days?  Or...

Salvatore Aguinta, who received the Medal of Honor for heroically pulling several of his fallen comrade soldiers to safety during a firefight in Afghanistan? 

Or in depth coverage of events like:

Pat Tillman's Run  A 4.2 mile event the originally started in Tempe but now has spawned additional Pat's Runs in many major cities?  Or...

Susan G Komen 3 Day Walks   An event that overwhelms the cities it is held in for three days and raises millions and millions of dollars for breast cancer?

Or profiles of companies like:

TOMs Shoes  A company that sells shoes but gives away a pair of shoes to needy folks in far off lands for every pair of shoes it sells?

Would you watch?  I would!!! 

Would you read?  I would!

I bet there are a lot people out there that are as sick of the negative stories and reverse role model glorification as I am! 

Oh yeah...
I ran 9 miles today.  Easy!  More for fun than performance. 

Sometime soon, I will announce the rematch date.  I continue to be haunted by not finishing.  It will be a project I finish!



  1. We need more positive influence! Change your thinking, change your life. Charlie Sheen knows very little about "winning".

  2. All good stuff. Thanks for posting. Any one of these stories is 1,000 times more life-affirming than the sheeners.

  3. I agree... except for the part about the Pajama Jeans. I'm a proud owner of a pair, you know... ;-)

  4. Great stuff Ed. I recommend "Soul Surfer" if you haven't seen it yet. Faith, determination, etc. - very Lance like w/out the distractions...