Sunday, May 1, 2011 7 MPH

The last few weekends I have been slowly getting back in to running.  7 miles here, 10 miles there.  Nothing fast.  No real purpose.  My general idea being that I can get myself back up to respectable racing shape by the time the San Francisco Marathon hits at the end of July.

The last few weekends, running without a purpose other than enjoyment, has been good for me.  Good for the body, which is still making squeeks and grinds from various quarters and good for the mind, which has had its ups and downs since March 16th. 

One of the cool nuances of my non-chalant runs has been my rerecognition of life going on around me.   Instead of running "you know whats" out, I have been running for fun.  

At 7 MPH, you get a chance to take a look around. 

Kids riding bikes for the first time with mom or dad holding on to the back seat. 

Dogs chasing thrown balls, tongues hanging out and tails wagging. 

Good looking California girls couples walking along the trail. 

Last week I saw something really cool.  A guy and two girls were standing in the median of the road in front of a building with a big poster board.  The guy was holding up the poster board up over his head.   He nodded...apparently giving the signal to one of the girls who reached for a cell phone.  As Girl #1 dialed, the other girl was wringing her hands and looking excited.  I got up to a point where I could see what the poster board said....


In big blue letters....

Call me a sap....

But I hope she does....


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  1. I once saw a proposal at a local 5k. The guy got on his knee at mile 3, but the girl looked a little annoyed. In my mind she was thinking, "couldn't you have waited 20 more seconds until I crossed the finish line?" She still said yes, just didn't get that PR she almost had.