Sunday, August 1, 2010

27 days until Ironman Louisville!

I am excited to be counting down the days until Ironman Louisville (  It is my 8th attempt at the 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike leg and 26 mile run race.  I am not making any time predictions.  I hope for a good race and if everything falls into place, I will finish and also do better than I did there last year  (12 hours even).  27 days away!!!

A few of my coworkers had first triathlon attempts this weekend.  One lady here in San Francisco decided that the Vineman Barb's Race Half-Ironman would be a good start to her triathlon career.  That is pretty crazy in my book, but she finished with a very respectable 6:45.   I am waiting to hear how another of my co-workers fared with her first triathlon, a more rational sprint distance!  Somedays I feel like a running and cycling coach at work. 

One lady is running her first marathon in October.
The two ladies mentioned in the previous paragraph doing triathlons.
One of our female sales reps is a Category Two professional cyclist.
One of our sales manager's is an active triathlete. 

I don't think it is by chance that there are so many athletes at the company I work at.  We are a pretty competitive bunch.  Active, young and fearless!  It stands to reason that we would have a disproportionate number of people who love to compete inside the office as well as outside of the work place.  Athletics is a great avenue for that and running and triathlon are both sports that are age neutral.  You can compete at 10 or 100....It is sort of cool. 

I ran my first four miles on my recovering hamstring today.  I made sure I was good and warmed up.  I swam an hour and then hit the stationary bike for 20 minutes before I hit the run.  I felt solid and even felt good enough to test myself with a little sprint.  I am 95%.  A few more days and I will be completely cured.

I have been getting a lot of hits on this blog.  Thanks for all of the inspirational notes and thanks for following the training for the big adventure. 

Running across the country will be the focus after the next 27 days!


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