Thursday, July 29, 2010

A hodge podge of stuff

First, my hamstring is on the mend. I am going to try some light running Saturday and see how it goes. I am not sensing much pain and even tried bolting up some stairs at work yesterday successfully. I have been cycling and swimming, so I have not lost any Ironman training time.

I did find another great link or two for runners that I wanted to pass on. First, a site specifically on how to run healthier at It is a great site on injury prevention and recovery specific to folks who run at all levels. Another one at Cool Running had some fresh thoughts on a lot of things.

My OCD kicked in yesterday and I practiced a little coulda, woulda, shoulda on my race Sunday. I first checked how I would have finished if I had just run the half marathon...50th out of about 8,450 runners...or top .75%! If I had been able to keep my pace...even slowing a bit on the marathon, the top 100 finish I coveted would have been close. In reading about hamstring injuries, most experts would say they are less an injury of not being warmed up, but more an injury of really pushing it over the top exertion wise. Mind over matter I guess in this case.   My 18 year old thinking brain was saying go, but the slightly over middle aged vessel it sits in had other thoughts.

A couple folks have asked me how the vegetarian diet thing has been going lately and if it has influenced my training in a bad way. The quick answer is no! I have sensed no loss of energy, power or endurance since converting to a very Spartan, mostly raw food diet six months ago. In fact, if anything it has made a positive impact. There is a successful Ironman triathlete named Brendan Brazier who has written two books on the impact of an all veggie diet called Thrive and another called Thrive Fitness that I recommend anyone to read for more on that subject.

Yikes, 1:00 in the morning...time to get on my cycling trainer in a bit. Have a good end of the work week!


  1. A runner and a vegetarian? YES! I've been vegan going on 5 years! I've never felt this good in my life. I even did the raw vegan thing when I was living in Thailand. They thought I was totally crazy. I am. Now I eat a high raw vegan diet and thrive.

    I've heard about Brendan Brazier and his line of Vegan supplements - Vega. I've never tried them though, but I have visited his website for some inspiration.

    18 days till Louisville! When are you heading out there? I'll be in SFO Aug 24-27. I know that is right before your race, but was hoping to catch you at HQ before you left!

    Have you converted your wife to the veggie side?