Sunday, August 15, 2010

Countdown to Ironman Louisville!

Today marks the official start of my easing down for the race in two weeks.  It is probably not a moment too soon.  Apparently, I have reached a limit to what my body is interested in taking in preparation for this race.  My hamstring pull at the San Francisco Marathon seems to have lit a fuse on a chain reaction of various aches and pains.  None that have me sidelined, but certainly ones that have me fully understanding that I am not a young pup anymore, using various muscle rubs and self medicating a bit with "Fermented Grape Extract". 

Yesterday, after pounding out 40 miles, I took my bike to a shop close to my house for a tune up.  I was a bit amused at the experience.  The store was huge...bigger than the normal cycling shop.  It had two stories and dozens if not hundreds of bikes of all shapes, types and models.  It was like nirvana for people who like bikes! 

I wheeled my bike to the back of the shop and one of the bike wrenches walked out and asked if he could help me out.  I asked him to give it a top to botttom tune up and replace anything that looked even close to worn. 

Wrenchie then asks "Are you going to be riding this to work or just for recreation?". 

Now, my bike is a pretty decent ride.  Certainly, not top of the line...but a big step above your average ride.  It used to be my back up bike, but after five seasons on my Litespeed Saber, I decided to switch and use it as my primary. 

I rideh a Felt S32, with HED3 wheel sets, a Shimano Ultegra gear set and a few other minor upgrades.  It looks something like this...(the wheelset on this bike is stock...the HED3s are much faster and cooler looking).

For Mr. Wrench to ask if this was a commuter bike struck me a little funny.  I looked at him and said, I am riding it in an Ironman in 2 weeks.  He looked back at the bike and in a tone resembling something between disbelief and snobbery asked "That?"  Hmmmmpf!  Interesting approach to customer service, but you come to expect that sometimes from bike afficianados.  I wonder what would have been worthy in his eyes? 

He then looked the bike over and then said he can get it back to (again in that same snobbery tone) as "fast as it was when it was new".  As if all the magic in the universe could not turn my Felt S32 into much more than Huffy bought at Wal-Mart for $99!!! 

What I really wanted to do was tell him I was able to hold 26 miles per hour for about 5 miles straight this morning and if he wanted to, I could show him my Scwhinn like bike with a banana seat complete with playing cards blapping the spokes could put a beat down on his scrawny little ass.  But I didn't...  I took the high road!

14 days to go for the race...

6 months to go for the big run!

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