Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jitters and Pains...

Ten days from the big race and the voices in my head sound as loud as a crowd cheering a touchdown at the Superbowl.

"You did not do enough swimming."

"Your back hurts."

"Your longest bike ride was 80 miles."

"Hi, my name is Right Ham String...I am not sure what my plan is at the moment. I may behave...or maybe I won't!"

"Are you light enough? Feels like you added some weight."

I chock most of it to race my old friend Donald used to say: Two weeks out is too late to worry, if the hay is not in the barn by then, there is nothing you can do.". I put up a lot of hay for this,it must be jitters.

I will say if aches and pains are a measure of preparedness, I am very prepared. I feel like a team of clowns with hammers attacked me and left me for dead. Legs, back and shoulders are all telling me they are prepared.

Ten days to go!

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