Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Coupon for RoadID and New Donation Button

A quick midweek update.

I am in Dallas on business. It was a good day as I spent it with 40 or so Software Company CEOs...I was definitely the dumbest guy in the room (Many of you who know me are probably thinking...When are you not the dumbest guy in the room? Wise acres you all are, but that is a different conversation for another day!).

My day started with a 2:00 a.m. Pacific time run in Dallas. It is so different running here than in the city. First, there was no one outside here at that time... not like a 3:00 a.m. run through San Fran. Secondly, I stayed on one road the whole time. I have no doubt I could have taken this road all the way to New Mexico blindfolded...if I could run straight. Finally, the only elevation change in Dallas are curbs and speed bumps. I took my cell phone in case I got lost...and always run with my RoadID bracelet on.

I recently got a coupon good for 20 people to use to order a RoadID bracelet or tag...if you want to use it and order one go to www.roadid.com and when prompted for the coupon number enter ThanksEd846656. I don't have any tie to RoadID other than being a loyal user...if you run, bike or swim....don't leave home without one!

Finally, Freedom is Not Free put a special Donate button for donations made in the sake of my run. If you want to contribute to FIFN in support of this adventure go HERE

I hope to have some cools photos tomorrow...I am going to a dinner with Sugar Ray Leonard as the dinner speaker...growing up, he was a real inspiration to a lot of people my age. I hope he shakes some hands and allows me to grab a photo to send to my dad who was a big fan.


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  1. Back from the dinner with Sugar Ray Leonard. He delivered a good speech with highlight clips from his fights in the 70s and 80s. No photo opportunity :(
    The ones I took from my table were too dark as the lighting was dimmed for his highlight films. It is impressive to hear how hard he worked to become a champion.....I can listen to that kind of talk all day long! Ed