Thursday, October 28, 2010

Why I Run Newtons....

A post or two ago, my friend Carolyn posted a comment asking why I like Newton running shoes. To be transparent, Newton is graciously helping me out with some favorable pricing for the 12-15 pairs I will burn through in training and on the adventure. However, my love of Newtons was forged before they decided to help me out.  Even if they were not helping, I would be running the 2,500 miles in these shoes!  I figure I want the best for the 5,000,000 strides I calculate my run will entail.

I have run in Newtons for 3 years or so. A few professional triathletes started sporting them at Ironman's and I decided to give them a try. I am glad I did because Newton shoes are unlike any other shoes on the market. They are built in such a way as to force you to run on your forefoot...imitating a more natural shoeless stride/foot strike. The shoes absolutely change your stride. Most people will experience less stress and discomfort while running. Many people I have talked to say they picked up a bit of speed in them as they are running more efficiently.

The shoes do take a little to get used to at first. I experienced some calf muscle discomfort as my stride changed...but after the initial first few runs the pain disappeared. Now I can break out a new pair and do 50 miles out of the box with no blisters or other problems.

They are not the cheapest kicks on the market ($175 a pair).  But when you think about running 500-600 miles in a pair, the cost difference between Newtons and other running shoes is less than 10 cents a mile. Surely speed and less stress on your body is worth a dime a mile!

They come in a several models. I have tried them all!   Some of the color schemas may take a little getting used to...but once you run in them you don't care or mind. They really do make a difference.

I have not decided which model I am going to cross the country in. The last batch I bought, Tory at Newton shipped me a variety so that I can see what model I responded to best.   For my run, I am going to buy six pairs and rotate them around on a daily basis.

Training wise, I will hit 425 miles this month...ahead of plan, but not too far ahead!

Thanks to Sole Sports Running Zone in Phoenix/Scottsdale....they are drumming up runners to help run me through that area!!!! 

Finally, lets remember our troops for a minute.  They are sacrificing a lot...please donate to Freedom is Not Free!

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