Wednesday, October 27, 2010

All right, so Mike Buss may really be a butt kicker....

I woke up feeling that I may have been a little harsh on Mike Buss in yesterday's post.  At face value, running a record 51 marathons in 51 days on a treadmill was akin to dancing with grandma at a wedding.  Dancing, but not quite DANCING.   So, I did a little research and it turns out that the Men's Journal article was a bit light in covering Mike's exploits.

In late September Mr. Buss completed 100 marathons in 100 days.  Though still on a treadmill, the run had two important wrinkles that Men's Journal failed to mention.  

First, he is wearing Army boots.  Harsh?  Yes.  Army boots are not made by Newton Running Shoes or Nike to do record marathon runs in.  They weigh a lot, don't flex much and are not designed to help you run efficiently. 

The second wrinkle is a bigger one.  Mike apparently did his record run with a 40 pound rucksack on his back.  That raises his bad ass quotient score pretty high in my opinion. 

Accordingly, I take back yesterday's snark attack and bow in reverence to the guy who did 100 marathons on a treadmill in 100 days with 40 pounds on his back and Army boots.
Great training run today!  I am ahead of pace to do 400 miles this month!


  1. Tell me about Newton Running Shoes... since I'm not interested in running in army boots.

    What style do you wear? Why the steep price? Flashy colors, etc? (just kidding on the last q. kinda)

  2. I love my treadmill runs; I look at the cute boys while reading my Harvard Business Review and the workout is perfect for me. Now you certainly will not see me in army boots!!

    Have a great day,