Friday, November 5, 2010

Alone and Unafraid....

This morning, I spent a half hour chatting with Aaron Moore, owner of a shirt/hat company called Alone and Unafraid. Aaron and his business partner started AAU a while back to make some cool military inspired garb and also to give back to military veterans by donating some of the profits to military charities and directly to vets who may need a pick me up.

Aaron and the gang at AAU do a lot of work with endurance racers/runners who are running/biking etc. to raise money for veterans.  They also do some sponsorship work for automotive racing in the Legend's Series.

AAU is going to get the word out about my run to the 800 people who follow them on well as on the AAU blog.  That will be a nice set of people to get involved with what I am doing!  They are also designing an endurance runner shirt with the logos/names of a number of the runners that they cheer on and support through word of mouth...very cool of them!

I was also looking for a T-Shirt company to print up some Coast to Coast Run t-shirts for the crew and for sale for folks who want to sport one.  AAU is going to help me pull that together!  More on that as I get some final logo permissions etc.   If you want a shirt, shoot me a line and as soon as I get details I will let you know!

Thanks Aaron!  I hope to see you and the crew as I pass through New Mexico! 

Check AAU out at



  1. Very cool.
    Sign me up for a shirt.

  2. I second that. sign me up for a couple too.

  3. ED, excellent shirts and cause. Hook me up! Can't wait to see the ultrarunner shirt design.

  4. Great job guys! Proud to be a part of this.
    John Glover