Saturday, November 6, 2010

Moonpies at Mile 30!

It is hard to understand what specific combinations of food, sleep, supplements, weather and mental states make some work outs a chore and others a walk in the park. If one could replicate the perfect combination and bottle it, they would be rich!

Today, I ran like there was a booster rocket installed in my rear end.  I logged 44 miles in less than six hours and it was EASY. No kidding. I was in the zone. Cyclists have a term for a day like this on the bike...they would call it a "No Chain" day. I had the running version of a "No Chain" day today.  I could hardly believe how low stress the 44 miles were.

I have been following JC the nutritionist's advice and have been downing more protein. I am doing this by drinking 2-3 bottles of Vega Sport powder a day. It does not taste horrible (that is the best I can say) and mixes up to an ugly green color, but I have been faithfully drinking it. Maybe that explains today's run. I will see if I can replicate today's success by sticking with it.

I am excited to report that I have found the key to easy running past mile 30!  On my last three long runs, I have gobbled down a Moonpie at mile 30. Moonpies are chocolate covered Graham cracker and marshmallowy dietary badness!  They taste great, seem easy to digest and eating them leaves you feeling like you just got away with something you should not be doing.  Check out the Moonpie is a hoot.

Comparing a Moonpie to a Clif Bar, one might be surprised...they are not as bad as you think!

                                Moonpie                   CLIF Blueberry Crisp

Calories                     300                                 240
Fat                                7g                                   5g
Cholesterol                    0                                     0
Sodium                       230mg                           150mg
Carbs                           55g                                 43g
Protein                           4g                                   9g            

Moonpies at Mile 30 certainly taste better than about anything!  As Ferris Bueller says "I highly recommend getting one". 

Now before my wife, mom in law, Dr. D, trainer JT, nutritionist JC or healthy food lady Carolyn throw petrified brick of soys in my general direction, I am not advocating running the 50 miles a day across the US fueled by Moonpies alone!  There are Twinkies, Ho-Hos and Ding-Dongs that may just do the trick!

44 miles today....26 tomorrow!!!


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  1. I'd eat 10 moon pie if it made this little cold that is creeping up on me go away.

    Instead, I had a zinc tablet (is that a crock of shit?), some butternut squash soup, and just munched on some grass, oh wait, that was some pineapple.

    I love the comparison chart.

    And if your next run is like a rocket blastoff, let me know, because I'm off to WF for that green powder goodness stat.

    Happy Saturday Night.