Sunday, November 14, 2010


Today, I ran 24 miles to cap off my 44 from yesterday.  In the span of 29 hours, I have put 68 training miles to rest.  That is the most I have done in a 29 hour period as best as I can tell from my notes.  I feel great.  As I mentioned yesterday, I have burst through a wall and seem to be firing on all cylinders.  I am questioning if I am training too much and peaking too early.

These days, I don't get passed very often.  Usually, when I do get passed, it is by some fresh looking kid who probably is on mile 2 while I am on mile 30.  More on my response to these attacks in a second.
About 15 miles in today, I got dusted by some late 20s/early 30s girl who had obviously been out a while judging from the sweat and dirt she was carrying on her.  I was not running slow, but she blew by me like I was standing still.  I don't give chase when that happens.  If a girl passes me, it is not cool to give chase and try make a point.  I don't know why the double standard exists in my head...if a guy passes me, I will always let him get ahead and then try to reel him in. )   So, I was.....


It made me wonder about how women were doing in the sport of running long distances.  So I got back home and did some research.  Pretty interesting.  Here are three women who are total bad asses in running long....

Pam Reed: 

Pam Reed is probably the biggest female bad ass.  She held the world's record for the BadWater Ultra Marathon completing 135 miles in 27 hours and 56 minutes.  She ran a world record 512 miles in six days at the Self Transcendance Race in 2009...oh yeah, all this on a one mile loop.  She will be attempting to break the female record for running across the US about the same time of my run.  She is hoping to maintain a 50 mile a day pace.  Good luck to her!

Lisa Batchen Smith: 

This woman has really cranked it.  9 BadWater Ultra Marathon Finishes.  Winning it two 1998 and 1999.  She has run over 100 ultra marathons and has a 100 mile PR of 18:36.  She recently ran 50 miles in 50 states over the course of 62 days (50 running days..sound familiar?).  She is featured in a story in Runners World this month.

Jamie Donaldson: 

Current female record holder for BadWater.  She broke her own previous record in 2010 by completing the 135 miles in 26 hours and 16 minutes.  She was third overall...chicking a long list of dudes.  In training, she was running 219 mile weeks!  Yow!
So, women are putting a mark on the sport of long distance running.  Maybe, the girl who chicked me today was a female bad ass in training.  I would like to think so at least!  Otherwise, it is clear I am getting slow in my old age.
240 miles so far this month!  On target!


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  1. Getting chicked is healthy for you. Keeps you motivated! :-)

    I am glad to hear you are not one of those guys that gives chase. It's not OK when walking down the street, so it shouldn't be OK when running or biking either!