Wednesday, November 17, 2010


My run adventure has been an amazing journey so far.  There have been a lot of positive byproducts of the run.  Obviously, I have better health, stories to tell and the ability to pretty much eat anything I want, when I want!  Also, I have found that the more I run, the less sleep I need.  Weird, but pretty cool.  However, the best thing about this run so far is the connections and reconnections I have made with people.

I have made several new connections to a variety of folks all over the US.  Offers of help and even lodging from people I have never met before is so cool.   It bogles my mind sometimes. 

Reconnections with old friends, business connections and others has also been an amazing addition.  I get  several emails a week from people who know me from years back.   I want to share one with you that I got yesterday that just made me feel good.  Good for the person who sent it...and good that my run in some way touched a nerve.  With his permission, I am just going to include the email in it's was so flipping cool to read!

Hi Ed,

I don’t know if you remember me, but this is Pat Frame from Blackbaud. We used to run into each other in the mornings at the Wellness Center. I normally used the elliptical and weights.

I was told that you were preparing to run across the country in support of wounded veterans, and wanted a) to say good luck, and b) to share my own story. In 1998, when I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes, I weighed 403 lbs. In the mid 2000s, when we worked together, I weighed in the range of 350-375 lbs.

Through lots of ups and downs over the years, I managed to get my weight down to about 300 lbs, This was how I looked in March, 2009:

In March 2010, I found that despite my time on the elliptical, I couldn’t run a mile. I knew I had to take control of my life, and started run-walking, then running. I built up to a mile, then two – and kept going. In September, I completed my first 10K at the 2010 Air Force Marathon in Dayton. By that time I had dropped down to 240. And on November 6, now at 230, I completed my first half-marathon at the Monumental Marathon in Indianapolis.

I’m still working on my weight, but it’s under control now. I’ll get there, in time. My diabetes medicines have been cut twice, and in all likelihood my diabetes will soon be considered resolved. I’m still with Blackbaud (nearly 11 years now), working in our Indianapolis office – the former eTapestry, where I train new Raiser’s Edge Customer Support Analysts.

So anyway, best of luck. Check out my facebook:
Take care!
Pat Frame
Blackbaud, Inc.

I thought this was so cool to get.   There were a few emails exchanged back and forth between Pat and I.  I learned a little more and got his permission to share his story.  I did remember him from back then.  He was one of the nicest guys on the planet 8 years ago...I suspect he still is.

I think his story was so inspiring and wanted to share it.  He also is a big supporter of Veteran causes...notice the MIA/POW shirt he wore at the US Air Force Half Marathon.

Pat, thoughts about you going from 400-230 lbs. fueled my run this morning.  WOW....keep it up and keep me posted. training is cranking.  I will have another 120-125 mile week.  The only thing keeping me from doing more is the concern I have of peaking too early.  I can easily handle more milage!  I wish the run was starting tomorrow!


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