Friday, December 3, 2010

Do these shoes make me look fat?

This morning, it struck me how far running apparel has come from my days as a youth.  (No wise cracks in the comments section about my age!).  I can remember dressing up for gym class in grade school looking something like this...(No, none of these dapper dudes are me!)

Now, in my technocolor Newtons and form fitting Under Armour running gear, I look quite hip.  I am so glad I am not running 50 miles in a pair of Chuck Taylors.   If you have a picture of yourself in ugly running gear circa 70s, 80s or 90s...shoot it this way...I will post the winner here and send you a RoadID bracelet for your trouble!

A couple of catch up items!

Apple Cider Vinegar Experiment:  Two weeks in.  I must say I think it is treating me well.  My wife got a cold after a whirlwind plane, nope!  I will know more about the lactic acid impact this weekend as I do about 80 miles or so between Saturday and Sunday.

Donations:  Cathy Pratt of Freedom is not Free is reporting we received a few donations this week!  Thanks.

Who I am running for:  If you have any doubts about the sacrifices our Marines, Soldiers, Airman or Seaman (male or female!) are making on your and I's behalf go here and watch!

Running a 1 Mile Loop for 24 Hours:  I am signed up for a 24 hour timed asphalt run on January 15th, 2011.  Check it out at

Social Networking:  I am now on Twitter....@EdRoshitsh   and on Facebook under EdRoshitsh and MyRunAcrossAmerica.  I am going to use Twitter on the run to let people know how I am doing in real time. I promise not Tweet ad nauseum like I see others do.  aka "Just ate breakfast."  (WGAS?  You are all smart...figure it out : ))

Good idea of the day #1:  I go through a pair of running shoes a month or so these days.  They are worn out for cushion left.  However, someone who needs a pair of shoes in a third world country would find them perfectly useable (after some serious cleaning!).  I found this charity that takes in used running gear and gets them to people who need them.  Check it out here.  Ten pairs of Newtons soon to be headed their way!

Good idea of the day #2:  I am sporting a new cool black T (at work for Pete's sake!  I am wearing a sport jacket over it...) today from Alone and Unafraid.  Aaron and the gang donate portions of every t-shirt sale to veteran's causes.  Buy your wife or husband one for Christmas and help out a vet!

Finally, I have about 5,000 tunes on my MP3 player.  I came across this gem...a little slower than I like...but a great tune!

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Thanks Ed for the site about shoe donations. I certainly do not go through my shoes at the rate you do but do switch every few months or so; or when my knees start screaming at me. This is great because I have been giving them to Goodwill and now I know they will be going to people who will actually use them. I found a drop off location very close to my office too!!
    Enjoy the weekend.