Sunday, February 6, 2011

The toilet paper roll always spins faster closest to the end...

I am officially down to 21 days.  Three short weeks.  My (awesome) mother in law (I mean that!) has a saying that always makes me laugh...but it seems true! "Life is a lot like toilet paper, the closer you get to the end the faster it goes... " I can honestly say it feels like the roll is spinning out of control!

I am excited to announce that 144 "Ed's RunAcrossAmerica T-Shirts" have arrived!  Laura Jones, the amazingly talented wife of a co-worker and AT Moore of are responsible for making these happen!  For those of you who ordered, I will begin shipping them to you tomorrow!   About half have been spoken for already! 

If my ugly mug has not scared you off and you want to buy a shirt, they are $15 (my cost plus shipping...if you want to add some $, I will donate the overage to FINF and S4S).  Shoot me a message on FaceBook or email me at  Include size (I have S,M,L,XL,2XL) and where you want me to ship them.  I will shoot you back where to send the $$$.  OR!  If you want to order one with a credit card, go down to the right and checkout using Google Checkout.  Shoot me a message when you do it, as I want to watch the first couple to see it work from start to finish!

This past weekend the weather here in SF has been outstanding...70 degree days and no clouds.  I am so glad I am not trying to get ready for this run someplace with snow! 

For those of you athletically inclined, I have been using "The Daily Mile" to track workouts, distances and the like.  It is a cool, easy to use tool and connects easily into Facebook.  It has some cool reports and a social network element.  Take a peek.  If you end up using it, please friend me!  Look down to the right, they have a little widget that puts your data on websites, blogs and the like.

Finally, I continue to get some amazing messages from people, all total strangers...offering encouragement, use of their homes if I am running through their towns and other stories related to injured veterans.  Thank you.  Each one of these messages gives me goosebumps and hope that there are still a lot of good people out there! 

21 Days!!!  21 Days!


  1. We love the shirts; they are "awesome" as Melanie shares. We hope you are enjoying the sunshine today.

    Hard to believe it is getting so close and you are soooo ready I am sure.

  2. Look good Ed. Hard to believe that start is almost here.