Tuesday, February 8, 2011

March 1st Run Start Event Details!

If you are in Charleston, SC on the morning of March 1st and want to run with me to kick off MyRunAcrossAmerica here are the details! 

My good friends at Charleston Bicycle Company, Mark Nowling and John Glover, are graciously  hosting the run launch at the Bay Street Downtown location (334-M East Bay Street) on the morning of the March 1st.  

We will be meeting at 6:00 a.m.-ish for coffee and doughnuts, a little chat from Mark and myself about the run and a few MyRunAcrossAmerica t-shirt give-aways.  We will be leaving CBC at 7:00-ish and heading....WEST!  (Really!)  

For those of you who want to run with me on day one, we will be sticking to sidewalks as much as possible until we hit 526 in West Ashley.  If you plan on running a decent amount of miles with me, bring your water bottles, nutrition etc.  I will have a very, very limited amount of stuff in the chase vehicles.  Cytomax, PowerBar, Clif all blew me off on any kind sponsorships...so, what we will likely have is Roshade...a moldy, musty cooler filled by a water hose from CBC's spigot!  (Dehydration never sounded so good!)

To friends in Charleston and others who want to join me, I would really get a charge out of it.   If you could also bring $10 for Freedom is Not Free or Soles4Souls, it would mean a lot to veterans and people through out the world without shoes.  I am trying to raise $25,000 and every $1 counts. 

One small downer, my insurance dude and legal dude-ette tell me I need to have you sign a waiver, similar to what you might sign for a 5k or the like absolving me of anything that may happen...I hope you understand.  It is a reality of the world we live in today. 

I am going to light up an Event on the MyRunAcrossAmerica Facebook Page...if you plan on attending, please RSVP...we want to roughly provision enough coffee, juice, doughnuts etc. for those planning on attending. 

I hope to shake your hand as I start.  Thanks!

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