Tuesday, March 1, 2011

And he's off....

The final minutes before Ed took off on his Run Across America John Garcia asked the 30 or so friends, family and fellow runners who came to support him if they had any questions for Ed.  What we were all thinking is "are you freaking crazy?"  but no one actually manned up and asked.

No, that's not a convict on the television... just Ed's mug during an interview for the Charleston news. 

 What is your typical breakfast before a run?  "Cereal followed by spoonfuls of peanut butter."
What are you most excited about?  "Just... getting... started..."
How many moonpies will you really eat?  "At least 1 a day.  That's 400 calories packed in something this small."
What is your average pace for daily runs?  "7:30 minute/miles"
What's next?  Lots of laughs.... and Christine, Ed's wife, jumps in and says, "let's just get through this adventure first."

The crowd kept the questions safe, as with T minus 5 minutes until show time, we had butterflies in our stomachs. I had trouble sleeping last night.  I can only imagine how Ed was feeling. 

Running on little to no sleep, Ed was cool, calm, and collected.  He was just ready to run.

Ed being interviewed by Charleston News Station

As we took off on the streets of Charleston, it felt like a morning jog to me. I knew when I was ready to call it quits, I could turn around, and head back to my hotel. I did just that after only 2 miles.  You see, Ed's slow jog was faster than my 10k race pace.  Despite joking about being some "middle-aged white dude running across the country," he really has incredible talent. 

He has an effortless run that will carry him across 2,500 miles.  He has determination and drive to be successful at all that he does.  And he has the desire to do something bigger than himself - raise $25,000 for Freedom is Not Free and Soles4Souls.

So while I turned around after 2 miles to head back downtown for my favorite perk of running "window shop jogging" in downtown Charleston, Ed and crew are heading west on his Run Across America.   You can keep up with Ed on this journey in real time here

Until the next update...

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  1. Hi. It's wonderful that Ed's doing this for charity. People all the time attempt huge feats like this for their own selfish reasons. They have the freedom to do that but why not think to themselves, "How can I make this be something bigger than myself, to also do something great for others?" How awesome that is!?!!

  2. I have played a very small part in your incredibly bold quest and have relished every minute of the time I've invested. I wish you Godspeed good friend and know when you reach your destination that you will join an elite handful of adventurers who dared to turn their dreams into reality. You have the stuff of heroes.


  3. Ed - You are an incredible guy in so many ways with an anchor of a wife and extended family and friends to support you. Such an inspiration to so many. This will be an exciting two months indeed. :) Give Christine a hug and "I'm watching you!" (as are SO many others).