Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day One Recap

Day one was all it could be. It will go down as one of the best days of my life.

If I had one word to describe the day?


I did not get any sleep the night of day one. Too many nerves, thoughts and adrenaline pumping.

I got to CBC at 5:30, shook hands with a steady stream of friends, family and others and did a couple of news interviews (thanks David Quick of the Post and Courier and Channel 2!). We would have had all three networks there live that morning, but there was a major fire in Charleston that diverted some of them.

We got on the road around 7:20...about 10 or so runners took off with me on a slow trot through downtown and out to West Ashley. Most dropped off as we crossed 526 and soon it was just Dr. Dave and I.

Dr.D and I bantered back and forth for 15 or so miles and then were joined by Larry and Vince of the Summerville Running Club. Doc had never run more than 12 miles ever in his life and gamely pushed 20 miles before giving me a handshake, a hug and well wishes. Here he and I are at our first pit stop... Dr. D, you are a class act my friend!

Larry and Vince ran out 10 miles with me. Good guys and I totally appreciated the company.

Here are a couple of videos from later in the day.

Several amazing things happened today. I had people stopping cars to shake my hand and take pictures, a guy in the middle of nowhere who video taped me and shouted good luck from his front yard (I guess he watched the news that morning?), two kind offers to run and get me coffee and at least 70 horn beeps that were positive versus "get the hell out of my way" beeps.
I am not an emotional guy, but the guy who skidded his truck, hopped out taking my picture, waving me over, shaking my hand and calling me a hero to veterans almost caused me to nearly lose it at mile 37...Me? Hero? Nope! Those guys and gals are in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I am ready for Day 2, a little smarter, a little sore and a little sunburned. Will be warmer today so I suspect that I will have a slower 50 than yesterday...both from the heat and running back to back 50s hurts!

THANK YOU all for the over 100 messages of support yesterday. I tried to answer every one. I don't take them for granted.


  1. Ed, Great t see you out of town yesterday. Will be sending you good vibes for the next 59 days and will be watching the blog and FB every day. You are already out on the road as I write this, so be safe and be strong!

  2. Great videos. And that first beer was well deserved!

  3. Good Luck today Ed. Great stuff. Keep it up

  4. Wow. 50s back to back. Ed you are mind boggling! You are truly a pillar of strength and inspiration.