Saturday, May 21, 2011

Another Run Across America Attempt...

One of the cool by products of this years attempt to run across the country has been my introduction to the network of others of like mind. 

Holding it all together is John Wallace's USA Crossers Facebook Group and associated USA Crossers Website.  Here a number of past transcon crossers, soon to be attempters/finishers and folks like me who made an attempt and still have it as a goal are able to connect, share information and war stories.  It is a small group, but they seem to be well connected and helpful to each other!

A few weeks ago a guy named Chris Finill sent me an email or two asking some questions about my attempt.  Chris and another endurance athlete,  Steve Pope will be attempting to run from San Francisco to New York City starting on August 20th.  Read about their attempt here.  They are also running in support of a military charity Help For Heroes.  I will probably run a few miles (or 40) with them on the first day or so!

So, what about my second attempt? 

Planning.  Setting up another charity connection.  Mapping.  Scheming. 

I have decided that picking up where I left off is NOT going to cut it.  I want to get from one pool of salt water to the other in one contiguous session. 

I will announce the date on July 4th!


Oh yeah, my body is nearly 100% back.  This week, my speed came back and my endurance is climbing.  I say nearly 100% as I have been getting painful tendonitis treated in my shoulder and elbow...but the legs are back.

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  1. Glad to see your going to be hitting the road again. I would like to know, 1. what your going to do this time that you didn't do last time. 2. What you did last time your not going to do this time. and 3. What are you going to change that you did last time? You can email me at
    See you on the roads.