Monday, May 16, 2011

A lot about nothing...

The 100th running of the San Francisco Bay to Breakers 12K was yesterday.  55,000 participants.  7.2 miles.  412,000 Jello Shots.  5,230 naked (not good naked) people.  Funny smelling burning weeds.  And....a race! 

I did not run it.  I was curiously not all that interested.  I cannot put my finger on my lack of curiousity this year.  Perhaps it was my lack of interest in seeing drunken crazies at 8 a.m. on a Sunday morning.  I watched last was funny for sure.  But if you see one drunk person in a costume (or not), you have seen them all. 

I did make it out to the street corner to see the professionals streak ( by.  I am never disappointed when I watch professional runners glide by at 5 or sub 5 miles.  Grace.  Fluidity.  Speed.  If you have never been able to watch a group of professional runners up close, do yourself a favor.  It is art!

The winner, a guy named Ridouare Harroufi smoked the 12K in 34:26.  7.2 miles of hills in the 4:50 mile range.  That blows me away!

I did spend some time Sunday looking for something positive to add to the blog.  I came up with this.  A real gem from a guy who I wish I had the opportunity to meet and learn from.  If you have 17 minutes, it is worth watching John Wooden talk about some of his philospohies.

I have begun amping my miles back up.  This past week, I threw together 37 miles or so.  What blows me away is how fast I lost the amazing conditioning I had when I made the run attempt.  Saturday's 14 miles, though decently fast really pushed me into the nap zone on Saturday afternoon.  14 miles and I was napping like a baby with a full belly!  My goal is to get back up to 70 miles by mid June so that I can give myself a decent showing at the SF Marathon.

If you have not tried acupuncture for sports injuries, I highly recommend it.  I am now two for two on getting some relief.  Since ending my run, I have had some sort of tendonitis going on in my shoulders.  I think it is years of swimming and running and age creeping up on me.  A trip to Anna Hseih Gold here in SF did me wonders.  I am not 100% cured, but do feel much better. 

Have a great week!



  1. Sub 5min pace naked? ;)

    Will check out the video during lunch, and I think I might test out acupuncture very soon. Maybe it was 7 hours of yard work yesterday, but my leg/back is acting up this morning.

  2. I'll take credit for Harroufi's win. He was behind Merga when they passed by about 100 yards from the finish. I was pretty much the only spectator in the area and I hollered something to the effect 'This is it!' Harroufi hits the afterburner and ends up winning by 3 seconds. His pace was 4:38 mile.