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Regular Amazing Runner of the Month: Elizabeth Trask

One of the cooler aspects of running is that there are thousands of regular “Joes and Jills” out there doing some inspiring and awesome things. These people probably are not out there winning races, getting six figure sponsorships from major clothing companies or showing up on TV to pitch whatever.

These athletes are mere mortal common runners out there setting big goals, raising money for good causes, meeting other runners and having a lot of fun.

In 2012, I am going to bring you the stories of 12 of these Regular Amazing Runners that I have come to know over the last few years. Some of them I have met and shared miles with. Others, like the person below, I have never met but have followed through blogs, Facebook friendships and the occasional email.

Endurance runners, though mostly solo artists, are a tight and supportive community. I hope you enjoy meeting some of these regular people doing some cool stuff as much as I did!

Regular Amazing Runner of the Month: Elizabeth Trask

If you are lining up to run a marathon in California, New Jersey, New Hampshire or Michigan any time soon, be on the lookout for a smiling, pink tutu wearing sparkplug with the picture of her father on her back and the 50 states with red Sharpie circled hearts on 20 of them.   20 heart circled states signifying 20 states down!

Elizabeth Trask is on a mission to run marathons in all 50 states plus an extra in honor of her father who passed away when he was 51 of a sudden heart attack. "50 for Billy" is her mantra. 

Elizabeth, 20 at the time, through her grief, was inspired to do something big in memory of her father, whom she credits for inspiring her to run at an early age. “My father ran cross country for Nasson College (Maine) and my mom ran a lot in her youth as well.” Elizabeth took her early love of running from age 12 through middle school, high school and college, always with her eye on the big prize of a marathon. “I ran my first marathon in 2008 at the Mount Desert Island Marathon. I plan on running Mount Desert as my 51st marathon.”

Elizabeth ran 16 marathons in 16 states in 2011. She passed through Tennessee, Oklahoma, Minnesota as well as running the Flying Pig in Cincinnati, the Myrtle Beach Marathon and one of my favorites, the Shamrock in Virginia Beach.  This year she hopes to exceed 25 total marathons run.

“Sometimes the hardest part of my goal is all the travel.” She often travels for longer times than the races themselves. Elizabeth recently completed a weekend double doing the Mississippi Blues Marathon and the Alabama First Light Marathon back to back. She cheerily exclaimed, “It was a great opportunity to hit two southern states in one weekend!”

To top all of her marathon exploits, Elizabeth is studying Law at the Massachusetts School of Law. I asked her how she was able to juggle the strain of running marathons all over the US and manage to be intensely involved with her studies. “It has been tough at times to balance marathons with law school. Lucky for me my professors at school are very supportive of my journey!”  She will be taking the bar examination this year, so squeezing in marathons will be a challenge.

Elizabeth’s running is also aimed at raising money for a charity as well. After her father’s passing, The Center for Grieving Children in Portland, Maine helped her get through the tragedy with support and friendship. (To donate in Elizabeth’s name, click here.)

The coolest thing that has happened to her on her journey so far? “I got to sit next to Kipyegon Kirui (Kenyan winner of the 2010 Pittsburgh Marathon with a 2:14-ish pace.) on a flight home from the Twin Cities Marathon. The coolest thing about distance running is how close you can get to the elites and how genuine they are.” She went on to say that one of the best parts of running is the social aspect.

Shoes? ASICs!

Pre race eats? A bagel!

Post race treat? A couple of beers with friends and something bad…like PIZZA! (A girl after my own heart!!!)

If you want to follow Elizabeth or donate to her charity cause, go to her blog at

Go get em Elizabeth!!!

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