Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Confession...

I have a confession to make.  I have been in a relationship with another while married to my lovely wife.

It's true.  Yes, it is true.  It is time for me to come clean.

This relationship has caused me to spend thousands of dollars on hotels in strange cities.  In fact, I have been so horrible of a husband that this relationship even had me talking my wife into making these hotel arrangements for me.

I confess that I have clandestinely blown wads of money on clothes, shoes, watches, bracelets and other items to keep this second relationship going.  My paramour is a demanding one and is constantly requiring me to buy "her" things.  There is always some new bobble she must have.

I have even shared my second relationship with others.  Don't judge me.  Other women.  Other (gasp) men.  Strangers.  Someone dressed as Elvis.  People who have paid to have the privilege.  Tall.  Skinny.  Stout.  Short.  I share her with them all.

I disappear for hours to spend time with my secret flame.  In the middle of the night.  On weekends.  Occasionally a 24 hour get away.   On mountains.  In deserts.  City streets.  Country roads.

Sometimes the liaison is a "quickie"...30 minutes here...40 minutes there.  Sometimes though, these meet ups can go for hours...even in front of crowds.  I am shameless.  I don't care what people think.

Sometimes I talk to people about my relationship and get tips on how to make it better.   I even blog about my time with her sometimes.

Boldly, I even took my father and mother in law with me one time to spend some extended time with my other special one.  My father in law joyfully video taped it.  Sicko!

My heart races.  I breath hard.  All in the name of love.

My wife?  She encourages me.  She knows all about my other relationship.  Go!  Great job! She sometimes says.  How was it?  she asks upon my return.  She approves of my life choice.  Says that she wishes she can join us.  Hmmmm....

I talk a lot when I am with my "other"...I often get my best thoughts around "her".

This relationship has made me the happiest I have been at times...and as down as I can be at others.

But because you are reading this....I suspect you  have your own confession to make.

Running is like that...

A second wife...a great friend....

I confess.

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