Saturday, March 17, 2012

Regular Amazing Runners of the Month...Two of Them!

It is time for my monthly blog post featuring a Regular Amazing Runner!

There are thousands of regular amazing runners!  “Joes and Jills” out there doing inspiring and awesome things associated with their love of running. These people probably are not out there winning races, getting six figure sponsorships from major clothing companies or showing up on TV to pitch whatever.  These athletes are mere mortal common runners out there setting big goals, raising money for good causes, meeting other runners and having a lot of fun.  

I have two runners for the Month of March.  

Both are attempting cross country runs!  Both are raising money for Wounded Warriors.  Both, in my eyes are total bad asses.

Somewhere in Arizona right now is a bushy mustached guy carrying a US Flag and running.  John Pyle, a 55 year old from Sarasota is headed East!  Starting in my town of San Francisco on March 1st, John is on day 16 of an expected 83 day journey across the United States, ending up back home in Florida sometime in May.

He is running to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project.  He is looking to raise a lot of money.  $1,000,000 in fact.

He is hoping to average 42 miles a day.  From personal experience, I know that this is an extremely hard level of miles to maintain.  You can follow his progress across the US or donate to the Wounded Warrior Project through John at

Regular Amazing Runner Two!

On March 26th, folks in Coos County, Oregon will see Jamie Summerlin off on his cross country voyage that will take him 100 days and cover 3,300 miles.  The 39 year old ex-Marine, his wife and kids will, if all goes to plan, end the run on July 4th in Annapolis.

Jamie, like John is also running across the country in support of the Wounded Warrior Project.  Unlike John Pyle, who has been running and competing in marathons and ultra marathons for years, Jamie is somewhat a new comer to the long distance running fraternity.  Don't under estimate him.  To donate to Wounded Warriors through Jamie's site or follow him on his journey, go here


Regular Amazing Runner Update!  

Elizabeth Trask, the first regular amazing runner I highlighted is less than 24 hours away from her 21st state...on her way to completing marathons in 50 states!   

I hope you enjoy reading about these people as much as I do.  In our crazy world, people doing positive cool things like the highlight runners truly stand out.

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