Sunday, January 17, 2010

1/2 way through a three day weekend!

A rare three day weekend is giving me a nice chance to push hard on training!

Yesterday, it was a pretty morning and I was out the door by 7.  I have been hitting the same route on my run the last few weekends.  There are a few reasons for the OCD running route. 

First, it is really a great run...down to the Aquatic Park on the San Francisco Bay.  Then up the coast with a perfect view of the Golden Gate bridge...over the bridge...then into some beautiful hills/views of the bay.  Secondly, the route is a nice challenge.  The flats of the run near the coast allow me to warm up before I pound myself on the hills up and down the Marin headlands area.   Thirdly though, I must admit, has to do with the locations of bathrooms!  Not to be indelicate, but knowing where the next place to take care of business is pretty darn important when you run a lot.   I can honestly say that there are fewer things worse than being stuck somewhere and feeling the call of nature with no place to "go".   So, my route is one that I have experimented with...keeping point number three in mind! 

Anyways, I did 30 miles on Saturday.  I woke up this morning unphased and ready to run again.  It was raining hard so, I decided to swim instead. 

Tomorrow, rain or shine I am going to hit another 30...2.5 marathons in 48 hours....keeping me on my training track!

For now?  Carbo loading with a favorite carbo loading San Francisco beverage (Click)

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