Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Productive Weekend

I hit it hard this weekend: 30 miles on Saturday, followed up by a light 2 miles jog on Sunday and some time in the pool.

It was challenging on Saturday. I ran out over the Golden Gate Bridge and up the big hills into the headlands. There was a very nasty headwind. Enough wind that there were a few times I had to cover my face to get was blowing so hard. The run was real work and though my effort was high, the pace was slower than normal. What normally takes me 80 minutes to get out to, took 90 minutes.

I headed to a place called Hawk Hill. When you run a lot of miles, your mind begins to play stupid games to pass the time and mine usually reverts to Seindfeld like banter. (Hawk Hill. I wonder if I will actually see hawks there. How lame if there were no hawks when I get to the top? Maybe they should call it no-hawk hill. Who called it Hawk Hill? etc.etc. etc.) The how would Seindfeld talk about it game is one I play in my head to keep my mind off the nagging ache in my quads or wondering if the restroom at the top of the hill is open. In this case, I was not disappointed. It was a pretty view and...yes, big black hawks were hovering in the wind in the air atop the hill. I have a picture of the view....

On Wednesday, I had dinner with a professional Adventure Racer and Eco-Challenge participant named Andy Tubbs. He is a great guy, friendly and humble......and, as I listened to him I think he is probably one of the most intense folks I have met. We talked about some of his many adventures...which included running in nearly every hell hole on the planet...deserts, jungles you name it. My "run across the country" idea was just another conversation for him.

The plan is coming together, the training is ahead of where I thought I would be.

I have signed up for the San Francisco Marathon in July.


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