Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Who are you running with?

I get to spend a lot of time in my own head.  Miles and miles of running give me hours and days of time to think.  Though I do spend a lot of time with head phones on getting my head filled with music (usually old school punk rock), there is only so much Social Distortion and Green Day a person's ears can take.  Most of the time I am left to my own ideas and thoughts pinging in my head.  Smart asses who know me would say that those must be some scary times.

This morning I was thinking about running as a metafore for life.  (I can feel your eyeballs rolling around in the back of your head...stick with me, it won't be a huge sermon!!!)

It hit me that people are either running to things, running from things or running in place when they are on two legs or just making it through the day.   "Who are you running with?" is an important question in running as well as in life.  Running with the wrong crowd in either use of the sentence is a recipe for a long day.

Are you running to something?  A goal?  A destination?  A solid career?  A stronger relationship with your spouse?  More friendships?  More education?  Where are you headed?

Are you running from something?  Drama?  Bad choices?  Bad habits?  What are you staying out of reach of by running?

Are you running in place?  Do you need some new goals?  Do you feel like you are going no where?  Are you putting in a lot of effort and not seeing any pay off?  Are you stagnant?

Who are you running with?  Do they support you?  Do they inspire you?  Do they challenge you?  OR, do they make you feel bad about yourself?  Influence you in negative ways?  Is who you are running with slowing you down?

Gut checking myself is a constant endless feedback loop for me as I run.  As I get older, the question of "Who am I running with?" is one that I find most important.  Having a strong marriage, great friendships, professional colleagues that I want to serve with and tight family relationships are where I want to spend my time when I am not on the road. 

So...I am constantly asking myself "Who am I running with and am I glad for the company? "  Whether I consider who I am on the run with or if I am happy with just running in my own head with myself.  The answer is a solid yes!  But I would not have always been able to say that.

Sermon over....

Who are you running with?


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  1. While listening to A Flock of Seaguls - I Ran it occurs to me that birds of a feather do fly together especially when they are intentional about it. This theme really hits home with me.