Sunday, April 11, 2010

36th Place Overall!!!

Today was a great day for me on the race course.  My plan came together nicely.  Even though 18-20 mph winds slowed everyone down a notch, I cannot be happier with my race and my result.  I placed 36th overall with about 2,000 people signed up.  At 46 years old, I kicked more than a few whipper-snappers in the butt!!!

Sadly, I have a confession to make.  Yesterday, I used two top secret, performance enhancing substances.  I attribute 100% of my performance to their mystical speed inducing properties.  I know, I know...another fallen athlete looking for the "edge".  I am ashamed. 

What were they you ask? 

Item Number One...

Performance Enhancer Number 2...a double dose...

These two substances contain chemicals that are magic on your body if consumed 24 hours before race day! 

After the race, I failed my pee test for the presence of mozzarella and basil.  Kids were booing me as I made the walk of shame home.  I think the smell of garlic on my breath was the tell tale sign that caused race officials to pull me into the tent.

Seriously, it was a great day.  I held nearly 7 minute miles the whole way...even over hills and into the wind.  I was in a solid 20th place for the first 4-5 miles before I had to duck behind a car for about 30 seconds and lost a few positions.  The last mile was a little hard for me as I was starting to feel a bit of ugly in my stomach...but it held off.  I finished with a 1:31:50...a few minutes off my target time.  But I will attribute the wind to losing a few minutes.  It was rough.

Back to the training!  I am really energized over this performance!

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