Thursday, April 1, 2010

I am not in good, really!

For training, I run 45 miles at a time.  I have completed 8 Ironman Triathlons and I have run several ultra marathons.  I sometimes "THINK" this has put me in pretty good fitness shape. 

I am not saying this to boast.  I am about to tell you that even with these stats, I KNOW I am actually in bad shape.  Really!

How do I know?

My trainer can give me two 7.5 pound dumb bells and ask me to simply point my leg in one direction and bend from the waist....

Or put me on a ball on my stomach and ask me to move my arms over my head....

Or have me put myself against a wall and see how much of my body I can press to touch the surface...

When I do this, I am reminded just how bad of shape I am in!  In 60 minutes my trainer, who is a Pilates instructor, can have me crying for my mommy, sweating like a pig and wishing I had had an emergency meeting come up at work to run off to early! 

I usually walk like a geezer for a day or two after our weekly session.

No kidding.  I have been wandering around at 2:00 in the morning on mile 70 of a mountain run and felt less beaten up. 

If you have ever watched someone doing stretches, our pilates or yoga and thought to yourself, "Why don't you go do some real exercise?", I challenge you to have an hour session and see how bad of shape you are in! 

I know I am in bad shape!

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