Saturday, April 3, 2010

A running tour cut short...

I awoke this morning with the best of intentions.  I got the bright idea that it would be cool to run to a variety of San Franscisco landmarks, take a picture for the blog and run to the next. 

I made good progress for the first 45 minutes.  Then the dreaded "it" happened.  Gut problems.  Apparently, something I ate or drank or a bug I picked up somewhere decided that today was the day to make an unwelcome introduction.

Being a polite guy, I will end the description there.  Needless to say I gave up on the tour idea after about 90 minutes.  I lost the mood and I was worried about access to (ahem) facilities as I circled through downtown areas. 
After three hours and twenty minutes of torture, I decided enough was enough and called it a day. I put in about 22 miles, which is well off my normal training regimen.

I did get some good pictures...first stop...The Palace of the Arts!

Then, a run out on a dock for a nice shot of the Golden Gate Bridge...

Then, at the base of the bridge, there is a sign that runners and others touch when they reach the bridge.  (I never touch it...who knows what kind of germs lurk there???  Yuck!)

A picture of some surfers.  In ice cold water...crazy!

And then, before I gave up shooting pictures...a nice shot of Baker Beach...

I am going to do the rest of my run Sunday barring a monsoon.  Maybe I will run into that crazy rabbit who throws plastic eggs in peoples yards.....

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