Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Race Prep

I have not raced in an official marathon or half marathon in a long time.  Other than Ironman last year, my only other official race in 2009 was an Ultra Marathon in Seattle (30 Miles in 3:45 or so...good enough for 5th overall!).  I like to race, but it is a distraction at times.  Also, when I am training for something longer like Ironman, I am usually not interested in doing something short.  I hesitate not out of distance snobbery, but out of worry that I push myself to an injury (why race if you are not going to race?). 

However, I decided to run the USA Half Marathon in San Francisco this weekend.  My thinking was that it would be a good measuring stick on my "official speed".  My goal would be to break 1:30 for 13.2 miles.  Looking at last year's race, this would give me an 8th place finish for my age group and a top 6% finish overall.  I have been doing some pretty fast 13.2s with a pack on my back, so I feel like I am in the ball park.

So, I am taking race week pretty more seriously than usual this time around.  Maybe I should not!  On my 5th place finish in Seattle, I had 2 or 3 ginger martinis the night before to wash down a big pepperoni pizza.  Honestly, I have never run better!  I felt like I had a booster rocket strapped to my butt for the whole race. 

This time out though, I am going to do what I know works most of the time....

Taper down my miles the next few days to give myself room for recovery.
Lay totally low on Saturday.  (Avoiding ginger martinis this time!)
Drink water like a fish from starting on Wednesday.
Stretch out in the pool on Friday.
Eat smartly all week.
Hit a little coffee race morning.

I hope to report a sub 1:30 on the blog Sunday afternoon! 


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