Tuesday, May 25, 2010

9 Months from now....

9 Months from now, Christine and I will be headed down the road on the adventure...
HA! Not that kind of nine months...are you kidding? We like our margharitas, nice dinners and quiet nights too much for that!
However, 9 months from now the run starts. In 279 days, we will be pulling out of Savannah, Georgia, cutting across the south, through Texas and ending up somewhere in San Diego.
Other than spending time training, I have not been doing much planning. It seems relatively straightforward. Get a motorhome, get some maps, get a stock of running shoes, get plenty of food, load up the MP3 player and then...just start running. On the road at 5, back in the motorhome by 3 or 4...lather, rinse, repeat....for 45 days or so.
Thanks for all of the continued interest. I get someone tagging me nearly every day about the adventure. People are interested in the whole process...it is fun for me to talk about it.
By the way, since I started the big training miles, I have lost 12 pounds! Not that I am not eating...people who are around me at work/home/play know that my mouth in constantly full. I can pretty much eat what I want. (Sunday I ate a whole 16 inch pizza minus two slices!!!)
9 months from now!

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