Tuesday, June 22, 2010

8 Months To Go!

I am eight months away from the first step of running out of Savannah. On one hand, it seems like a long time away and then again, on the other hand a pretty short time. I am not worried about the run...my training is going very well and I know I can run a marathon a day for days on end. In 9 months, I will have trained up to 50 miles a day no worries.

I have made a couple of decisions.

I have decided to tag a few companies whose products I use almost exclusively to see if I can get some limited help (aka discounts) on products to help me defray costs a bit. Frankly, I will use thier products and talk nice about them to anyone whether they decide to help me out or not. However, there may be some marketing benefit to them to have a logo on a few things as I cover the U.S.. Either way, I will use what I use.

Second, I am reconsidering my route a bit. The reports of kidnappings in untraveled areas of Arizona bordering Mexico (1 every 36 hours according to an article in USA today)has given me pause about running so close to the border of Mexico with my wife, dogs, in-laws and other potential crew members. I am going to reaim the run a little further north. It will add some distance for sure, but what is a few hundred miles when you are running 2,396 already? (Ask me that on mile 2,396 and I may have a different opinion.)

Third, I have decided to totally shelve the charity run concept. The run is pretty selfish actually and all about me pushing myself to do something over the top for the sake of it. Manufacturing a charity cause to mask my selfishness feels weird to me. It is not that I don't have issues that I support regularly (Animal Abuse/Rescue and Veteran's causes to name two), but it really boils down to not wanting to do this for a reason that is not pure.

Thanks of you who continue to read this and support me with well wishes. It has been really cool so far. 8 months to go!!!! 8 Months....

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  1. Wow, 8 months to go....Where has the time gone? I remember when you were just starting to train. This run across America is just around the corner. Oh, and I'm glad about the change in plans in light of kidnapping attempts along the Mexican border. Good move. Dee