Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Real Inspiration...

I don't like to recommend books to people. One person's interesting book is potentially excruciating to others. However, I thought this one was very inspiring.

The book is called "Devoted" by Dick Hoyt

The book is about a father/son team that have done 100's of races, including a few dozen Boston Marathons and several Ironman triathlons. In fact, together they have completed the Boston Marathon in sub 3:00 fashion. That is impressive enough. However, when you consider that Dick Hoyt pushes his son, Rick, in a wheelchair, you are even more impressed.

The book is as much about Dick's devotion to his son as it is a testament to the spirit his son has maintained through the years. Rick was born essentially a quadraplegic as a result of a birth accident. Through out his life, he has defied the odds through grit and persistance. He refused to be labeled as handicapped. Learning to read, communicate and participate in life at a level most fully capacitied people don't push themselves rise to, Rick is a role model for anyone who has said "I cannot". In between racing and everything else going on in his life, he even graduated from high school and college along the way!

There is plenty of inspirational writing about the hundreds of races they participated in, the technology they have created together to help other challenged racers and all of the challenges they have faced together both on the course and off.

Go to YouTube and type Dick and Rick Hoyt video and you will be amazed.

If you are looking for a real life hero or two, look no further than Dick Hoyt. Pick up the book...it is a fast and interesting read.

My 50 mile run this weekend is a cakewalk compared to the adventure these two have had!

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