Sunday, June 13, 2010

It is good karma to pay it forward when on the trail!

It was a good workout weekend for me. Saturday, I hit about 60 miles on the bike and today, I ran 24 miles. Tomorrow, I am taking a day off from my paying job. I expect to hit some running or biking or swimming. I have not decided yet.

Saturday, I made a deposit in the Karma bank and helped a fellow biker out. I was at a gas station loading up on some liquids when I spied a woman carrying her bike on her shoulder walking up the road. Flashing back to my time in Fountain, Colorado....


I decided to be a Boy Scout, pay it forward and help her.

It turned out, it was good that I did. She had just bought her first bike and was learning a little about riding, maintenance and all of that. She had made the mistake of leaving her house without an innertube! And, even if she did, she would not have had a clue on how to change it.

I decided to give her a clinic on tire changing as this will not be her first flat. I think anyone who is going to get on the road on a bike should force themselves to change a tube/tire a few times before they go out. Getting stuck in the middle of no where with a flat is a pain!

I always stop when I see someone changing a flat or having trouble on a bike. I have a superstition that if I do not stop and offer help, that in my next Ironman race, I am going to triple flat, break a chain, crack a frame or have some other mechanical failure.

So far, this superstition has worked superbly. Hopefully, my pay it forward on Saturday has guaranteed a trouble free August 30th!


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